Diane Kroeze: Agriculture is not considered a business

03/02/2014 12:00 AM

03/02/2014 4:39 PM

Regarding: “City, colony should keep talking” (Opinions, Feb. 18): It’s a shame, in this Valley, that agriculture is not considered a business.

The Chamber of Commerce doesn’t consider it so. On Feb. 18, a quarter of a page was written regarding “Pathway to Prosperity” the chamber has been working on. What they fail to tell us is this: What makes the new study greater than all the others?

They’ve been around a very long time, and the high unemployment didn’t just start. It’s been around a long time.

Perhaps they should change the way they think and not rely on old practices and time-honored theories that only benefit business and not whole communities, such as Wood Colony and Salida.

We have a small farmers market downtown. How hard is that to be part of? Anyone know? Could it be bigger and more varied?

This chamber is good at pressuring those at the city level, but how good have they been at the level that keeps the jobs we have at this time? New plan, but only good in 10 to 20 years for new jobs. Wow!



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