Letters to the Editor

February 28, 2014

Lynn Bogdanovich: Letting Modesto down

Attention Modesto voters: The City Council you put your faith in is letting Modesto down.

1) In January, there was a proposed forgiveness of $8.5 million in penalties levied against Seneca for wastewater violations.

Let’s be clear. A company violates a water ordinance and penalties can be waived if a corrective course of action is started. $8.5 million. Where will such a deficit in Modesto’s budget be made up? Somehow it will probably fall on Modesto residents. Running a city is like a business. There are guidelines, contracts and laws. A business should be respected for straightforward, honest operations; not choosing who will be the recipient of special treatment at the expense of everyone else.

2) Annexation: It has been done before; it does not work. Annexation is supposed to bring revenues and jobs. No. The jobs begin and end with the construction. The only one who really benefits is the developer. The building stands empty. The property owner benefits if it is leased and also if it’s not because it is a tax write-off. Modesto needs rent caps, penalize, or annex to sale, long-term vacant properties. Restructure from within to improve how Modesto is run.



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