Sherry Calkins: Where does this ‘pathway’ lead?

02/23/2014 5:30 PM

02/23/2014 6:48 PM

Regarding “Modesto Chamber aims to forge pathway to prosperity” (, Feb. 17): My husband used to call me Modesto’s biggest cheerleader. It is now getting hard to be proud of this town.

How stupid does the chamber think that people in Modesto are, with their “Pathway to Prosperity” plan? Have they taken a drive down Yosemite Boulevard lately? How about downtown? Have they been to a park recently?

The reason Modesto’s young and talented do not come back is simple: It is because the quality of life here is low. It will get even lower when they realign Highway 132 and pave over Wood Colony. Young people want a vibrant downtown with fashionable apartments. They want chic restaurants, trendy coffee houses and fun pubs to visit. They want to take their kids to safe parks. They want to go on a short drive to see trees blossoming in spring and U-pick fruit stands in summer.

Converting Wood Colony into a business/industrial area will only make our young people run away faster. Soon Wood Colony will look like Beard Industrial District. Modesto will be surrounded by nondescript buildings, chain-link fences and asphalt. Go back to the drawing board, chamber. We don’t believe your “Pathway to Prosperity” lies anymore.



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