Richard Hanson: Why do you want us to conserve water, governor?

01/30/2014 5:44 PM

01/30/2014 5:45 PM

Jerry Brown, you want us to cut 20 percent of our water we use. Did you cut 20 percent of the water you’re putting in that stupid canal going to L.A.?

You want to build tunnels so you can send more water to L.A. I’m happy to say I have never voted for you. As long as the Democrats have people like you and Obama I will never vote for a Democrat. When you were governor the first time you destroyed our highway system. So now we have rough highways because of you. We don’t forget how you tried to stop filling New Melones Reservoir. Thanks to President Reagan it got filled. You sold the mansion. We remember the Mediterranean flies, and you rode around in your Plymouth patting yourself on the back.

Now you want to take away water from farmers. You want to stop them from drilling wells. You say the water table is going down. The water farmers irrigate with goes back to the water table, the water you send to L.A. does not.

Jerrry Brown, we don’t need your tunnels, your train to nowhere, or you.



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