Mark Costello: Ice rink, pot festival and more in Modesto?

01/22/2014 3:30 PM

01/22/2014 10:28 PM

Here are some crazy ideas to make Modesto a better place:

• We need a drag strip on upper Ninth Street right past the Warden’s Office Supply store; every time I go down this part of Ninth, it’s dead.
• Ice skating rink in between Brenden Theatres and Fuzio’s, or move that weird fountain and put it there. Make a walking bridge from the car garage to Brenden.
• Make it legal for electric golf carts to drive on bike paths, then designate certain streets for them during the week to encourage them for travel to downtown.
• Bring back the original Graffiti celebration. The original Graffiti brought tons of money and excitement to Modesto; now it’s boring.
• Marijuana festival. When people smoke, they eat, drink and laugh and hug each other. I do not smoke, but I have witnessed this in amazement.
• Implement stricter business cosmetic policies for Yosemite Boulevard and Crows Landing Road. If you own a business, be proud of it. No loitering; use proper, tasteful building colors, shiny signs, etc.
• Create a homeless park in the mission parking lot, plant grass and have that syringe doctor distribute there.

Come on, Modesto, start submitting some ideas!



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