David K. Ford: Foster Farms doing right thing

01/21/2014 5:08 PM

01/21/2014 5:09 PM

Two Modesto Bee articles are a shining example of two businesses going in opposite directions. I empathize with both, having owned a business; many things can happen to you that you cannot foresee. How you deal with these issues can make or break you.

Regarding “Number sickened by chicken rises” (Jan. 18, Page A1), here is an article that doesn’t directly tie Foster Farms to those getting sick from salmonella. The connection was made only through interviews. Foster Farms has responded admirably, doing all the right things, even though they probably didn’t cause the outbreak.

Regarding “Target’s email scares shoppers” (Page A8), the company let hackers steal the data of as many as 70 million of us, now they want to monitor our credit? What genius came up with this plan? Got my new debit card and it’s the same old mag-stripe, not the newer, harder to hack smart-chip technology that Europe’s been using for years. Businesses say it’s too expensive to upgrade. What about all the lost business and good will?

Into the shredder went my new card. From now on I will pay cash for my Foster Farms chicken – the only brand I buy.



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