Diana Doll: Putting Benghazi to rest

01/19/2014 5:37 PM

01/19/2014 5:43 PM

A number of recent letter writers have expressed invalid criticisms of President Obama. In addition, we now have a wholesale repudiation of The New York Times! (“Frontal attack on Republicans” Jan. 9, Letters). Granted, the Times prints some liberal-leaning editorials. But the columnists run the gamut and are creatively intelligent, while the news is researched and reported with care. Their lengthy Benghazi investigation found the inflammatory video was a factor but al-Qaida, or similar groups, were not. Still don’t believe Darrell Issa is a demagogue? Well, these facts were no secret.

Instead of making things up, let’s critique the president’s actual shortcomings. Sore points include: lack of an urgent effort to combat climate change; not letting all the Bush tax cuts expire; a dearth of timely aid to vetted, moderate Syrian rebels; a privacy vs. security imbalance; zealous deportations; and an unready ACA website. OK, nobody’s perfect. Yet Mr. Obama doesn’t start futile, ruinous wars or allow mistreatment of prisoners. He has concern for our safety and for the needs of the common people. He is not a socialist or an atheist. Give it a rest.



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