Letters to the Editor

January 18, 2014

Eileen Evans: Little Sisters shouldn’t compromise

In “Little Sisters argument hard to fathom” (Another View, Jan. 9), the Los Angeles Times finds the Little Sisters of the Poor argument “hard to follow,” as it does Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s emergency injunction to delay the Health and Human Services contraceptive coverage mandate.

The Sisters do not accept the Obama administration’s compromise. They insist that sterilizations, abortifacient chemical birth control and artificial contraception go against the teachings of their faith. By requiring them to fill out a “simple form,” the Obama administration wants to compel these Sisters to do indirectly what they refuse to do directly. The administration has asked the court to force Catholic nuns to sin, to act against their conscience, to pursue what they consider an immoral course.

While the Sisters are not political in any way, they are women of courage. They have the same vocation as the Missionaries of Charity that Mother Teresa established in Calcutta and have cared for the elderly poor of all faiths for 175 years. There should be no reason that a newly developing health care system shouldn’t be able to find a way to allow them to continue their work without compromising their Catholic faith.



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