Letters to the Editor

January 18, 2014

Victoria Daniel and Alyssa Mouillesseaux: Winton teens should show more respect

Respect, or at least the lack thereof, has become a noticeable issue in modern society. Many examples can be seen. Few in our town and school are shown respect – teachers and students and elderly alike. Daily, I see disrespect. I was raised to respect everything and everyone. Now, as a junior in high school, I see many of my peers calling teachers vulgar names and discussing how terrible they are. Teachers devote nearly every day to us, and yet students are taking that for granted. Educators used to be highly respected by pupils. Sadly, even the elderly aren’t given the respect they deserve. People make fun of the elderly or leave them struggling. They talk back and ignore people who have been around much longer and have much more wisdom. Some are even veterans, which is saddest of all.

People deserve respect regardless of age and position.



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