Dolly McGrath: You’ve still got a lot to learn, young atheist

01/04/2014 6:04 PM

01/04/2014 6:26 PM

This letter is for the atheist who is the ripe young age of 14 (“Posing a conundrum to God,” Dec. 29).

You are correct in saying that you are young. You have a lot to learn about faith. It seems you have prematurely stopped your quest. It takes a lifetime for belief to unfold. I am 63, and I still do not understand it all. How can I? I am not God. No one knows the mind of God, but he is mindful of man. We are not the judge. Thank goodness for that!

Those who profess to be Christian are often not. It is a very narrow path and those who really are sin daily. Holding Almighty God to human standards is our first mistake. God knows the heart and soul of each of us, so if you are an atheist because God is not behaving the way you believe he should, you need to take another look. Believers suffer just like nonbelievers. Think about it, even God’s son suffered.

Whether you want to believe it or not, God is in control. One of the tricks of Satan is to deceive man into believing he can know the mind of God and thus have all knowledge. My prayer for you is that you will allow room for him to grow in your heart by faith. The first step is to read your Bible. That is one of the commands of God.



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