Fernando T. Navarro: Atheists will have to answer, too

12/23/2013 5:34 PM

12/23/2013 5:47 PM

How our world has evolved. Atheists put up a billboard in Times Square that says, “Who Needs Christ During Christmas? Nobody.”

The president of the group told an interviewer that Christians really don’t want to go to church but are merely forced to. What a disgrace to say such a humbug allegation when, in reality, Christians, through their faith, honor the Sabbath. A misguided and master truth-twister who disseminates false statements, he tried to inject into the discussion that atheists celebrate Dec. 25 – the winter solstice.

We came into this world bare; when we die, even atheists go before God with only their denuded souls. Let’s ask ourselves: Why did God humbly come as a poor child born in the manger? Because He wants us to, of our own volition, be true to ourselves and not hurt others. When there is even a small amount of goodness is in everyone’s heart, believers and nonbelievers, we’ll fan the flame of virtue.



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