Anthony Giretto: Obamacare will lose you friends

12/14/2013 7:05 PM

12/14/2013 7:15 PM

Have any Democratic voters thought about how their co-workers or supervisors will react to them if they lose their health insurance because of Obamacare? Do Democratic voters think that their co-workers will say “thank you” for your reckless voting habits that cost us our health insurance? Do Democratic voters think that if the company they work for has to cut jobs or hours because of Obamacare that they should be the ones to go or lose hours? Would Democratic voters agree to see the doctors who will work for about $5 an hour under Obamacare being that it was their reckless voting habits that caused this?

Being that all Democratic voters now know that Obama and all of his friends told bald-face lies, do Democratic voters feel that they are 100 percent responsible for the disaster called Obamacare? Democratic voters are going to be dealing with many of these questions real soon. It is much better to be an American than it is to be a Democratic voter and much, much healthier.



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