Courtney Morse: If barking annoys neighbor in Modesto, then move

12/07/2013 3:48 PM

12/07/2013 3:52 PM

When a neighbor has a barking dog (“Incessant barking proves a real conundrum,” Dec. 3), stop to think about why the dog is barking before you complain. Is it a passer-by? Another dog barking? Sirens? Or perhaps yourself?

If you antagonize a dog, it is going to bark at you and it probably will always continue to do so whenever you are present. Once you have established the reason for the dog’s barking, you can decide if you should make an official complaint to animal control. If you have determined that it is not because of any rational reason, then complain by all means.

If it is determined to be because of a rational reason: move. You should not live in a neighborhood if you cannot handle barking dogs, loud music, cars, people talking, etc. If you are the type of person who complains without discussing the matter with your neighbor, move. You are not sociable or mature enough to live in a community. You should always talk to your neighbor, in a nice way, before you act immature and complain. The problem could be easily solved, and the problem could turn out to be you.



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