Letters to the Editor

November 25, 2013

Dick Fetzer: You might support Obama if ...

Some might call it brainwashing, but certainly you were gravely misled by the Obama billion-dollar media complex if you believe that:

(1) When you voted for President Obama, you could keep your doctor and your health plan if you liked them under Obamacare.

(2) Mitt Romney was an evil man, even though he gave $3 million to charitable causes every year.

(3) The IRS targeting didn’t affect the 2012 election by preventing nonprofit organizations to be set up.

(4) President Obama did everything possible during the 7-hour Benghazi attack three weeks before the 2012 election.

(5) The billion-dollar media complex always asks him tough questions and never favors his side of the story.

(6) The complex makes it sound like all of his criticism is racist, when he just isn’t doing a very good job.

(7) That redistribution of wealth and Obamacare are not socialist-leaning ideas.

(8) In the last 5 years under this administration, we have added about $7 trillion to the national debt, which, according to President Obama, isn’t a problem.



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