Jim Wing: Health care horror show

11/12/2013 7:59 PM

11/12/2013 8:12 PM

Zombies, vampires and werewolves seem to be popular subject matter in today’s movies and TV, subject matter that is the total opposite of reality.

In the White House we have a person that thinks his health care plan is fundamentally better for America even though more than half the people oppose it. He said we could keep our plans and our doctors; we now know this was blatantly untrue. We see small businesses shutting their doors because their margins cannot support the increase in health care costs. In some states, 100 percent of the people signing up for affordable health care are signing up for Medicaid, not for the exchanges that fund the program.

If this trend continues the only way this program survives is to raise taxes. There goes the $2,500 per family savings. In fact the Congressional Budget Office tells us our cost is going to be $7,500 per family more. Is that a $10,000 swing? Maybe the guy in the Oval Office needs a reality check like the aforementioned movie-goers .



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