Stacie O'Donnell: Modesto police show little interest in nonfatalities

11/11/2013 5:30 PM

11/11/2013 5:30 PM

Why are only fatalities investigated in Modesto?

On Oct. 17, our 19-year-old son was hit by a driver going between 50 and 60 mph in a 30 mph zone. Thankfully our son is a conscientious biker who wears a helmet; otherwise, he would not be alive today.

The purpose of this letter is not about his accident or to gain sympathy. Our concern is with our local police, who apparently do not feel his case is worth their time or effort.

The city of Modesto wanted more tax dollars to put toward safety, but I don’t know what our current tax dollars pay for.

We live right around the corner from where the accident occurred, yet the responding officers did not check to see if anyone was home – though his father was. We were called several hours later by the hospital.

The officer told us there was no evidence at the scene; however, we found pieces of the car’s bumper in the gutter. 

It took several calls over several days to reach the hit-and-run investigator, who would only speak to my son. After I explained my son’s head injury prevents him from having difficult conversations, I was told that the investigation could not proceed without a license plate.

If the victim had been a family member of the investigator, would he be as disinterested in investigating a vehicular assault?

We understand there needs to be evidence and witnesses; however, these were neglected at the scene. Further, did the police call auto or glass repair places to spread the car’s description? We as a family did.

If our son had died, would the police actively pursue the case? Let’s start to value the lives that are saved as well as honor those that have been lost.



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