Letters to the Editor

November 5, 2013

Carolyn Mann: Obamacare comes with asterisks

It seems that every promise we were sold on Obamacare comes with an asterisk. One of those promises was that small employers who opted to provide health insurance would have part of their costs offset through tax credits. Yes, but, here’s the asterisk: If you pay your employees, on average, more than $20,000 per year, the tax credit is reduced proportionally. At $50,000, it disappears entirely, according to a recent mailing from the EDD.

Now, I ask you, is this not an incentive for employers to keep wages low?

The Democrats want us to believe that this law – which promises to destroy the 40-hour work week, our union bosses warn, and provides further incentives to keep wages low – is ultimately good for the country. Something tells me we’re going to find several asterisks attached to that promise.



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