Jane Hardin: Obamacare working for some

11/05/2013 5:59 PM

11/05/2013 6:05 PM

Not everyone is losing health coverage or paying higher premiums, as the media would like people to believe. When I retired four years ago, I scoured e-insurance for an independent policy for my husband. I could not afford the $1,100 a month for the two of us on my current policy. My goal was to find a policy that was reasonable, yet had enough safeguards that we would not be bankrupt if a major health event occurred. I did not just shop price.

It’s a good policy and it is not being canceled. He can keep it with the new law. We could get a similar policy on the Covered California website for about $30 less but will keep this one. If I covered the two of us on the government plan, we could buy the best policy available, the platinum PPO, for $200 less a month than what we pay now. We would receive a subsidy. However, in a few months I’ll be on Medicare, so I won’t switch.

The bare-bones catastrophic non-policies are being canceled. When my husband had heart surgery three years ago, I sure was glad I did not buy one of those!



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