Herb Jenkins: Measure X flier disappointing

10/31/2013 7:53 PM

10/31/2013 7:58 PM

I was disappointed to see that the Stanislaus Taxpayers Association (of which I am a lifetime member) and its president, Dave Thomas, stoop to the level of many other political organizations in a recent Measure X mailer.

The mailer used the names and salaries of city of Modesto employees to make a charge of bloated salaries. It is public knowledge how taxpayer dollars are spent; the positions would have sufficed without printing the employee names. In my opinion, this is in bad taste.

While I am not on the list, I do work for Modesto Fire Department as an engineer, as do several folks on the list. I make $27.03 an hour as an engineer. The association flier fails to note the number of hours these individuals had be away from their families in order to receive the compensation they got.

Many of these overtime hours were mandated due to the staffing shortages created by the downsizing of the department. In essence, they make a good argument for the passage of Measure X to allow the department to begin refilling some of the positions and reducing the amount of overtime current staff is mandated to work.



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