Modesto Bee readers comment on irrigation district races (11-01-13)

10/31/2013 4:10 PM

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Support farmers on districts' boards

As a third-generation farmer in Stanislaus County, I support Jake Wenger, Ron Macedo and Joe Alamo, all third- and fourth-generation farmers, running for Modesto and Turlock irrigation districts' boards of directors.

I have always said a great leader is a person who will do the right thing even if no one is watching. That describes these three individuals. Honesty, integrity and reliability are what have made Jake, Ron and Joe such successful young leaders.

MID and TID are emerging into a new era with new leadership and a renewed vision for the future. Jake Wenger, Ron Macedo and Joe Alamo know what it takes to be successful businessmen and farmers and will apply the same principles to their job on the board by working hard and making critical but sound decisions.



Wenger for MID District 4

Jake Wenger is the best candidate because he understands both the needs of business and the fact that water is critical to everyone’s survival. Suggestions that irrigation water rates should be greatly increased will simply cause farmers to go to more drip irrigation, thus both removing the recharge to groundwater resources and increasing the demand on groundwater.

Large areas of permeable soils are needed for recharge, which is just what flood-irrigating farmers provide. Such water is critical to cities during droughts and absolutely necessary for all businesses. If farmers did not recharge groundwater, cities would have to pay someone to do it. No responsible farmer objects to reasonable costs for irrigation water; they just want and deserve credit for the water they provide to everyone. Wenger has made these points repeatedly and recognizes the importance and value of our water.



Alamo is a smart vote

I have been a director for the Turlock Irrigation District for 12 years, and I have had the opportunity to work with a number of extremely impressive individuals. I can say that I am proud to be a part of a functional board that has always kept the best interest of the district at heart.

I would like to take the opportunity to offer my support to Joe Alamo for the TID board. Joe has utilized his business experience to quickly understand the complexity of a vertically integrated utility. Setting correct policy is so important, especially when decisions we make today have huge impacts 10, 20, 30 years down the road. Understanding how power markets work and the strategic planning for water are topics that can’t be taken lightly. Hard-working and committed are the words I use to describe Joe.

Joe has attended several other agricultural and community meetings on behalf of TID. It is important to have educated and well-spoken board members representing the district, especially at the state and federal level. Please make a smart decision and vote to re-elect Joe Alamo for TID Division 3.



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