Allen Woods: Measure X will hurt business growth in Modesto

10/30/2013 7:55 PM

10/30/2013 8:04 PM

The city of Modesto receives a half cent sales tax for public safety. Proposition 172 was approved by voters in 1993. What police benefits were received? Longer response times, nonresponse to burglar alarms, elimination of reserve officers, retirement at age 50, and the list goes on. In recent times the police association has refused to defer pay raises or take pay cuts to help the budget, while all the other departments have. They forced police layoffs.

It appears the bulk of the Yes on X support is funded by the police association and it appears the department plans to continue status quo. There have been no valid promises of improved service. They use a 10-year crime history as a pitch. What we need is a 10-year evaluation. Of course we won’t see that, nor will we see where the current tax goes.

We do remember the lawsuits and scandals. Historically the city has overspent and I don’t see any change in management anytime soon. I do hear rumor of a new police dispatch center. But besides all that, any additional sales tax is bad for business growth in the city. I am voting no on X.



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