Letters to the Editor

October 26, 2013

Measure X is deceiving

Modesto voters are being brazenly deceived about Measure X. If one reads only the ballot blurb, they will be told that Measure X will be used for police/fire protection; neighborhood police patrols; 911 emergency response; gang crime, theft and burglary prevention; street/pothole repair; program attracting business/creating jobs; etc.

Not one of these items is listed in the actual text of the measure. If the voter takes the time to read the full text of the measure in their sample ballots, they will see that nowhere in the document does it state that any of this tax is earmarked for fire or police. In fact, the only mention of fire or police is that each will have a representative on the Citizens Oversight Committee, which will be picked by the council. I believe this incredibly misleading ballot blurb is unethical. I find it difficult to trust the proponents of Measure X when even the ballot representation is untrue. This is reprehensible!



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