Vote ‘yes’ on Measure X

10/23/2013 8:34 PM

10/23/2013 8:35 PM

I just voted on my absentee ballot and must say the bad publicity on actions of the Modesto City Council made me hesitate. After thinking over my hesitations and the reasons pro and con, I decided to vote “yes” for the following reasons.

Hearing sirens all times of the day and night, and reading all the crime and gang statistics I am convinced Modesto needs more officers and forces to protect us.

Yes, I, too, was upset that Modesto overpaid so much for the low-income property, and as a supporter of downtown amenities, supporting people-friendly plazas and activities, I was alarmed that the council listened to an in-house committee rather than many of their downtown supporters who objected to the closing. This was inappropriate timing and publicity in many ways.

But I am convinced that the mayor and council can be held accountable for what they verbalize: police protection and fixing roads. By law, they cannot designate specific uses for the taxes on the ballot and pass it with a 51 percent vote. But they can be challenged by their citizens.



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