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October 22, 2013

Modesto Bee readers react to Jeff Denham’s vote for continued shutdown

Denham loyal to tea party

Jeff Denham says he is concerned about the debt and that is why he voted against the bill that reopened the government and raised the debt ceiling. What he neglects to say is that his real goal is to repeal Obamacare. He has admitted this to me. He also states that he is independent. Yet his goal is exactly the same as the tea party’s.

I am not a member of the tea party but I do subscribe to their newsletter to keep up with what they are telling and asking of their members. Recently they mentioned that they were proud of Denham’s stand with them, and encouraged their members to call him and thank him. The tea party has stated that they will fund and support members of Congress who support them but will work just as hard to defeat those who don’t. Individuals, small businesses, families and veterans in the valley were all hurt when the government shut down.

Denham is supposed to be representing all these factions but I believe it’s obvious where his loyalties lie.



An admirable stand

Thanks to Rep. Denham for standing up to what is right for this nation. He is a voice for the hardworking people in his district and doesn’t cave to the pressure of the left. Obamacare will be the worst thing that has been forced on the hardworking class of America.

The rampant out-of-control spending by the out-of-touch thieves working in Washington will be something that our children and grandchildren will be harnessed with for all their lives. Thank you, Mr. Denham, for thinking of the future of America! If Obamacare isn’t good enough for them and all their cronies, it surely can’t be good for me either!

Funny how Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Schumer were all against raising the debt ceiling when President Bush wanted to do it. What changed their minds now? Remember all this thievery next time they are up for election. Out with the bad and in with the good for the hardworking American citizen. God please forgive and bless America!



This calls for a resignation

It has been with growing alarm and now disgust that I have watched Jeff Denham’s disgraceful representation of his district. He has a high unemployment issue and yet he voted to cut food stamps to the working poor and unemployed. Many are children who require basic nutrition to perform well in school and life. This decision is short-sighted and the results extend decades into the future; the same with cutting Head Start.

He has been in lockstep with the crackpot radicals of the extreme right by voting to shut down the government (putting 800,000 people out of work) and voting to not extend the debt ceiling. He cost our economy billions with this exercise in futility and has the audacity to say he is worried about America’s financial health. People confused about what the debt ceiling is think we can save money on things we already have budgeted. That’s like saving money by not paying your mortgage. The deficit has been reduced under Obama.

If Denham is so ignorant that he doesn’t know how this works and he doesn’t appreciate the basic math that puts our credit rating and world markets in jeopardy, he should resign.



Ending debt cycle is imperative

I am writing in support of Jeff Denham’s vote against raising the debt ceiling. More than one-third of our tax dollars go toward debt interest payments. Through the Bush and Obama administrations, the debt has continued to pile up. These interest payments go to many foreign governments such as China that buy our bonds but also compete against money that could be put back into the stock market to grow the private economy and our tax base.

The only way out of this debt cycle is for the U.S. government to cut their expenses and for the economy to grow. President Obama refused to negotiate any cuts in federal government spending, which I think is irresponsible. I am sure The Modesto Bee does not run their business this way. You would not be in business very long if you continued to run these kinds of deficits. Denham and others who vote to cut the deficit are the ones who are representing our long-term interests.



Denham statement’s conflicting

We should all thank The Bee for pointing out Rep. Jeff Denham’s vote for the partial government shutdown and the possible political consequences. His public remarks seem to conflict with his actions.

In his released statement he said “The American people deserve long-term solutions to stop the spending, stop running up the debt and give real certainty to families across the country and the financial markets.” I couldn’t agree more.

But he must have known that his votes helping to shut down parts of the government would cost us billions.

Give real certainty to families? I was one of those caught up in the furloughs and it did anything but create certainty for mine. And I’m no economist, but closing parts of the government surely can’t help create certainty for the financial markets.

In addition Denham stated, “It’s been irresponsible behavior by both parties, by both the house and the senate, and by the president.” Isn’t he admitting that he acted irresponsibly himself?

It seems to me Denham isn’t as concerned about government spending and American families as he is his own re-election next year.



Bee’s condemnation disappointing

I was dismayed at the one-sided editorial (Oct. 18) condemning Jeff Denham for his shutdown vote. The purpose of the entire fiasco of the past three weeks was to shed light on the course that we as a people have chosen to take. The side effects are certainly regrettable, but The Bee managed to avoid mentioning any of the 800-pound gorillas that are fueling this mess: Runaway spending, entitlement programs that are out of control and a health care plan that may prove to be massively inefficient, expensive and unwanted.

The majority of all of our politicians are tools. A very few of them take a courageous stand knowing that it could get them voted out of office and The Bee’s reaction is condemnation. Good bye, sweet America.



Voters must remember shutdown

Given that the citizens of this nation have a horribly short memory when it comes to politics, I would like to remind all of you to please remember the debacle of the government shutdown and what it has cost the average people when Election Day 2014 arrives.

Remember Jeff Denham and his unwillingness to compromise. Remember the tea party with its racially bigoted, confederate-flag waving idiots in front of the White House while Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin promote their cowardly agenda to the uneducated masses that seek to destroy our democracy. Remember that the world was watching while we very nearly destroyed our own economy because there are some in this nation that are perfectly happy to maintain the status quo of our broken health care system.

These people are nothing more than domestic terrorists that should be dealt with accordingly.

But first, they and those too cowardly to stand up to them must be voted out of office.



When will we tackle spending?

At what point will we hold our government accountable for its spending? The Bee and others rip into Jeff Denham for voting to keeping the government shut down. But have any of you gone to the site USdebtclock.org ? As of Oct. 18, our current debt is $16.965 trillion. In 2008 it was $8.895 trillion.

As of Oct. 18, there are 48,089,848 people on food stamps. In 2008 there was 30,609,035 people on food stamps. Nancy Pelosi says there is nowhere else to cut. Come on, people and The Bee. You do not run your business like this and how do you expect the government to do the same? It is also a major media scare that we will default, that is not true in government shutdown, It is mandated by law that SSI, welfare, current debt and interest must be paid in an event like this. Kicking the can down the road and the cost of Obamacare, we will have a projected $20 trillion debt in 2016. So when it really hits the fan because America is too weak to stop this nonsense, how will you handle it?



Ability to borrow more is cold comfort

Regarding Denham’s vote for shutdown disappoints” (Opinions, Oct. 18). Congratulations! Yes, thank you to everyone who approves of increasing our national debt, even more with this current awesome piece of budget legislation. You do have reason to crow. You get to pay for more stuff with borrowed money from China and Japan.

I agree; those people who were saying “no, it’s irresponsible to borrow past your ability to pay,” are mean to rain on your spending parade. Barack Obama said borrowing $7 trillion was unpatriotic. I agree, $17 trillion is much more patriotic. Harry Reid and the president handled things so gracefully. Wouldn’t approve the bills given to them by Congress. They held their line and cried “traitor, give us more money and more debt.”

Silly me for complaining when you tax me more. I’m such a whiner. You are absolutely right when you say that Jeff Denham and I are anarchists for coming to the limit of your non-limit. Let’s recap: My grocery bill is double, my gas bill is double, my energy costs are higher, my taxes are about to increase with the implementation of Obamacare and my income has not increased.



Bad business in Washington

I am proud of Jeff Denham and the other conservatives who stood up to the president. They realize that there are no money trees growing around the Capitol or the White House. You who think the government should spend money it doesn’t have, to continuously fund programs it can’t afford, need to stop and compare this situation to your own finances. What happens when you spend more than you take in? Do you just put the amount that you can’t pay on your credit card and keep on spending? What happens when you reach the limit on your credit card? Do you simply get another credit card and start over again? What happens when you are in over your head? Do you just file bankruptcy and start over? Or do you somehow plan to leave your debt to your children or grandchildren to pay?

A debt ceiling has little meaning if it is raised to meet every budget. Businesses would go broke very quickly if that is how they operate. But just maybe good businessmen do not go into politics.



Budget showdown hurt veterans

Billions of dollars were lost because of the Republican shutdown. As a disabled veteran, it concerns me greatly. The VA and veterans were affected. Furloughs of administrative personnel resulted in the closure of VA regional offices and a halt to intake of new disability claims. The claims backlog that VA had been steadily bringing down started to climb once more. And long-standing appeals by veterans to earlier claims’ decisions ground to a halt.

Had the shutdown moved into late October, checks would not have gone out to those individuals from discretionary accounts, which include money for disability claims to vets, their dependents or survivors, as well as money for veterans attending school on the GI Bill. The Honorable Jeff Denham voted to continue the shutdown, which was costing the government $300 million a day, according Bloomberg News. Veterans should remember this come November 2014.



News media complicit

If The Bee’s Oct. 18 editorial is accurate that Jeff Denham’s no vote was disappointing and responsible for creating chaos in Washington, I was wondering who or what The Bee’s editorial board thinks created the disappointment and chaos over the last five years?

It is very disappointing that “the most open and available” administration ever still has not been held accountable for Fast and Furious, Solyndra, the arrest of Basseley Nakoula (an anti-Muslim filmmaker), Benghazi, Syria, the IRS scandal, the Associated Press phone record search, the monitoring of Fox reporter James Rosen‘s phone records, the GSA’s Las Vegas training, government accountability, the debt limit and of course the rollout of our latest most disappointing chaotic example, the Affordable Care Act.

A complicit press has allowed this administration to govern without answers. A once-great press corps rightly brought President Nixon to his justice. It is too bad that group no longer subscribes to truth no matter where it leads. Too many of today’s TV and print reporters are nothing more than political ideologues themselves.



Description of vote not quite true

In “Shutdown vote may take political toll article (Oct. 19), The Bee said Jeff Denham “voted against the bill ... that reopened the government and avoided a default,” which is not quite true.

• Days before the shutdown, all the funds necessary for government as usual (without Obamacare) were approved by the House and on Sen. Harry Reid’s desk. Despite the “crisis,” Harry would not allow the Senate to vote on them.
• With expensive Obamacare unfunded by the House, the Democrats and president masqueraded the cost-saving shutdown into a GOP-caused crisis, adding that the GOP supported default on the debt-interest payment not yet due. Then they chose what to close – aiming directly at our patriots, families and children – closing our national parks and spending money for illegal barricades that were unnecessary.
• To “save the day,” the Senate created a bill that funded Obamacare and was passed by the House and the Senate, thanks to a few Republican wimps. This is the bill that Denham courageously voted against, because Obamacare is unnecessary and unwanted by the majority of true Americans.

Obamacare is not affordable, costing jobs and giving the IRS control of health care. Do you really want the IRS controlling your health care?

Please report all the facts.



We can’t afford Denham

Rep. Jeff Denham’s party line “no” vote on the shutdown-debt ceiling battle nearly took us into financial abyss.

His worries over a $17 trillion deficit rings hollow given that the shutdown, says S&P, cost taxpayers $24 billion. Along with his participation in the 40-odd failed attempts to repeal the health care law, it is not unreasonable to wonder on what grounds might he be a fiscal conservative. And what of our 14th Amendment obligation to honor our debt? Denham and the so-called pro-Constitution tea party just ignored it.

Ironically, Denham once defended our nation while in the military. But as a legislator, he joined the extremists in his party to undermine the national economy so as to torpedo a law properly passed through Congress and deemed constitutional in the high court. Additionally, 18 times Senate Democrats invited Denham’s bunch to negotiate a budget deal only to be rebuffed. As such, there is nothing honorable in Denham’s vote, one clearly destructive to the government of our founders. Worse yet, his Republican chums suggest that more such nonsense lies ahead. Denham really does not belong in Congress if, for no other reason than we simply can’t afford him.



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