Linda Reachert: Pitts column feeds racism

10/22/2013 4:08 PM

10/22/2013 8:12 PM

I am sickened and appalled by the Oct. 16 Leonard Pitts column and The Bee for publishing it. Pitts is absolutely turning his accusations on himself when he accuses Dr. Ben Carson of betrayal of his heritage.

Carson is an American. I don’t believe for one minute he’s forgotten his heritage; however, neither does he use it for manipulative purpose. He simply stated how he sees the outcome/effect of the Affordable Care Act on the American people. His reference to slavery in his speech was about the loss of freedom. Without that, we become as slaves by definition. The more dependent we are on the government, the less freedom we have; the less freedom we have, the more we become “slaves” by dictation of the government.

There was no betrayal of heritage. Carson has the right to free speech and the comparisons he deems appropriate to make his point.

Pitts used the heritage references as a tool to pursue and continue racism. Who is the betrayer after all and who then is beneath contempt?



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