Letters to the Editor

October 20, 2013

Kristopher S. Pierce: Abortion access bill shows disregard for life

I found much irony in the news that AB154, a bill that is meant to expand access to abortion, was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown. The bill is totally consistent with the general disregard for human life that is apparent in the abortion-rights ideology, but it does not seem at all consistent with the usual pattern of the California Legislature and Brown in favoring stricter regulations to protect the people of California.

This is not what’s best for women’s health. Nor is it what’s best for the people of California.

I’m not thrilled with all of the shenanigans of the Republicans, but the passage of bills such as this one makes it very unlikely that evangelical Christians like myself (or other pro-life people, for that matter) will feel welcome in the Democratic Party any time soon.



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