Letters to the Editor

October 15, 2013

Luella E. Cole: Health insurance is like driver’s insurance

Regarding “Healthy are sick of Obamacare” (Oct.9, Letters): Do you carry auto insurance? Let’s assume that you own a car. In order to register it, you must prove that you carry liability insurance. That’s the law.

Let’s also assume that you are a safe driver, with no infractions or claims on your record. Do you write a letter to the editor railing against the requirement that you purchase auto insurance? After all, the insurance company from which you purchase your auto insurance “will depend on [safe drivers] enrolling in order to support lower costs for the general population.” That is how insurance works.

Yet I don’t see angry letters to the editor – or an entire country held hostage – in protest of the requirement to carry auto insurance. The only difference is that auto insurance has not been tagged with the name “Obama,” thus turning it into a target for a noisy minority who quote contrived statistics from right-wing propaganda machines in a desperate attempt to prevent Obamacare from succeeding.



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