Letters to the Editor

October 12, 2013

Invest in public safety, vote yes on X

The citizens of Modesto need to make an important decision about Measure X for the purpose of making our community safer and stronger. We want our families and our children to grow up in an environment that is free of violence. The Modesto Police Department keeps us safe by pursuing the worst offenders in gang, drug and gun violence. Increased police are needed to respond to crime and for more effective strategies for preventing crime.

I recently spoke with a Modesto police officer. He told me to be careful where I go during the day, observe my surroundings, and be aware of those around me. He said, “Don’t go out at night; it’s not safe.” He said this is not the same Modesto that I grew up in.

Making investments in crime prevention and enforcement by putting local police on the streets and giving them the tools they need will improve public safety and improve the quality of life.



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