Out with the old lawmakers

10/11/2013 12:24 AM

10/11/2013 12:33 AM

I hope and pray that those of voting age are paying attention to the mess our goverment has made affecting all Americans.

When elections come up again, be it state or federal, if the person has incumbent behind his/her name, be sure to vote them out by voting for someone new, even if you have never heard of them. They can’t be any worse than what we have now.



Shutdown blame falls on GOP strategy

Despite his efforts to shift the blame, Rep. Tom McClintock knows full well that the shutdown resulted from a deliberate Republican strategy. He also knows that if the House voted on the resolution as passed by the Senate, it would be approved; the shutdown would end; Yosemite would reopen.

As our representative, he should call on Speaker John Boehner to allow that vote to take place. McClintock has this opportunity to demonstrate courage and integrity, or the opposite.



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