Tea party threatens Constitution

10/11/2013 12:05 AM

10/11/2013 12:33 AM

This country was founded on the fundamental principle "Of the People, By the People, For the People." So much so, we call our country the United States of America.

The insurgency of these tea partiers has effectively shut down our government and seems bent on not only blocking progress but destroying the progress we have made.

The tea party movement is an outspoken faction threatening our Constitution. By definition they are traitors of our country.

The issue at hand is the debt ceiling. The only solution being offered to this problem is to take away from the people who have so little, when the problem could be readily solved by having those with so much to give. Many corporations that are making billions in profit pay no taxes and then give obscene bonuses to CEOs who already make a disproportionately large salary and pay a smaller percentage of tax than do the workers in said corporation.

Do we the people want to be disposable tools living under the oppressive thumb of the bottom line? Or do we want the freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?



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