Letters to the Editor

October 7, 2013

Bob Laninfa: Affordable Care Act should be for all

We hear Democrats tell us the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land, abide by it! If it’s the law, everyone should abide by it, but Obama said, “No, that’s wrong.” Somewhere in the bill there is a clause that said this law does not apply to everyone.

Is that the reason you had your Nancy Pelosi wave her Italian hands, saying, “You have to sign the bill to find out what’s in it?” Isn’t that being a little dishonest, Mr. President? There’s a law of the land, when you come to a stop sign, you must stop or get fined, or end up in jail if you kill someone. But according to the laws you make, Mr. President, it’s OK for a friend of yours to go through without being punished.

Democrats are the first to yell “discrimination,” when we on the right disagree with you. Mr. President, what do you think this Affordable Care Act is? It’s an act of discriminating against the middle class. We have to abide by the law of the land while your friends get a pass.



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