Heather Griffin: Use common sense for courthouse

10/07/2013 7:35 PM

10/07/2013 7:36 PM

Regarding the proposed courthouse location: I am quite surprised to hear the city is pursuing the Ninth and G streets option when the 14th and I streets location is such a common-sense choice. The Ninth Street area is so close to the railroad tracks and on the perimeter of the downtown area.

I guess theoretically moving to Ninth Street might spur growth in that area, but that will come at the expense of being less convenient and will be detrimental to the existing business and offices located in the heart of downtown Modesto.

The logical choice is the I Street location where The Modesto Bee is located. The Bee site is much better, more convenient and comes at no cost to the city/county taxpayers. It is also central to the core of law offices, the district attorney, the Gallo Center, the library and the majority of restaurants in the vicinity. I am at a loss as to why another site is even being considered.



Remodel the existing building

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