Letters to the Editor

October 6, 2013

Manuel Olmos: City needs to change course

At the Modesto City Council meeting Sept. 3, it was made very clear by a city official that the city needs to proceed forthwith with assembling and acquiring all the property for the new courthouse, along with the veiled threat that the whole project could be jeopardized if there were any delays in approving the real estate broker contract.

Now we read that the city really does not control the property it formerly owned, and that this “latest snag” could take an indefinite amount of time to resolve. This delay is now apparently no big deal with the same official stating that “we will stay the course.” Wasn’t this the same official quoted as saying last May that the whole project will result in at best a “break-even” cost to the city taxpayers?

Will someone please explain to me what is going on here? Isn’t it about time that the city give up on this ill-conceived plan to build the courthouse at this questionable location?

The City Council needs to wake up and change course before it is too late and we end up losing the courthouse project.



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