Yosemite needed backup plan

10/05/2013 4:29 PM

10/05/2013 4:30 PM

I read with disgust how the Republicans were responsible for the Yosemite Park shutdown. They are responsible for the government shutdown because they were willing to stand by their principles, but I find it unfortunate that the politicians that actually make a stand for what they believe in are so vilified in the media. Either waffle and speak out of both sides of your mouth or don’t seek office in Washington.

How ridiculous is it to turn down money for park admission fees because the government is shut down? Any CEO knows that you must have a risk-assessment plan in case there is a shortage of necessary services or material. The parks head should have plan in place that would allow Yosemite to stay open even if there are shutdowns. It could be run by volunteers or admission fees could go directly to the furloughed workers. If admissions don’t cover the cost, then they should raise the price.

None of us voted for Obamacare so what is this nonsense about the ballot box speaking for itself? We didn’t even have the chance to elect people who would stand behind what a vast majority of Americans want – no Obamacare!



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