Letters to the Editor

October 4, 2013

Alfa Broderick: Dog vendor an ordinary, but refreshing, story

The writer of “Featured story hard to swallow” (Sept. 19, Letters) found the story about a hot dog vendor’s job unworthy of being printed. Of course. It’s an ordinary life that doesn’t shake the world or make world news. It’s not about a rampage where dozens of people get killed, or a natural disaster that shatters entire communities. Or something about people like movie stars, world entertainers, famous athletes, or the Kardashians or Donald Trumps of the world being as ridiculous as can be. It’s the story of a humble human being talking about his daily experiences outside the courthouse while trying to support his family and maybe even filling a local need.

To me, it was refreshing to read something about a decent person making a living in a decent way, not begging, belonging to gangs or committing crimes such as vandalizing others’ property, stealing, dealing with drugs or pornography, etc.

But if that’s too much for any reader to take, they can just turn the page or put down the newspaper. Nobody is forcing us to read something we don’t find worth reading.



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