Modesto Bee leans left on Obamacare

10/04/2013 1:07 AM

10/04/2013 1:27 AM

I read with interest your again left-leaning comments about Obamacare ( “House Republicans own the reckless federal shutdown,” Oct. 2 editorial). Do you not understand that there is a very large part of the people in this country who do not want this program?

I also note that nowhere do you indicate who’s going to pay for the program. I can tell you it will not be the 47 percent of the people who are not paying taxes. You continue to support the programs put forth by an administration who will not tell us the facts of Benghazi, but wants to send investigators to Kenya, allows the IRS lady to retire with pay so she doesn’t have to come clean as the actions she took against conservative groups, and of course don’t forget the NSA situation.

Throw in the fact that we’re $17 trillion in debt and counting, the continued assault of Second Amendment rights; what if there had been some armed people in Kenya? Let’s not even begin to start talking about the issues in California, the train to nowhere, or the stupid guns laws being put forth. The list goes on, and you folks most of this.



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