Letters to the Editor

September 29, 2013

Rita F. Silva: A twist on ‘hope and change’

Since Barack Obama became president, they are constantly charging financial institutions with wrongdoing and fining them many millions of dollars and imposing more restrictions. I am not against this; if they are doing wrong, they need to be held accountable.

During the same time, our national debt has increased more than 50 percent, and the economy is in terrible shape. In 2012, of all the money that the government spent, $260 billion is unaccounted for. Was it misspent, given away or stolen? The same rules need to apply to the government as the financial institutions.

I remember Sen. Obama’s outrage at raising the debt ceiling, saying it was fiscally irresponsible and unconstitutional. Now he wants it raised every year without question and if the Republicans don’t go along, they are obstructionists. Somehow, “hope and change” has a whole new meaning.


Los Banos

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