Letters to the Editor

September 29, 2013

Pat Bicknell: We have no say in Common Core

Regarding the article “School chief explains changes for K12” (Page D3, Opinions, Sept. 22). Having read quite a lot on Common Core State Standards and being an educator for 34 years, I have noticed that since the 1970s the jargon of “problem-solving, “critical thinking and critical analysis,” “rigor,” “career readiness” and “college readiness” has been used to describe new teaching programs.

To begin with, Common Core standards were not developed by and did not emanate from states. They were funded and developed by two Washington, D.C.-based organizations, the Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association, through their contractor Achieve Inc. Since the two groups own the copyright to CCSSI, teachers and parents and local school boards will not have any say on changes.

A child’s education should be in the hands of the parents and local school boards and not with the federal government.



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