MYSA-AJAX board should be more accountable

09/25/2013 8:25 PM

09/25/2013 8:27 PM

Although disappointing, it’s consistent with MYSA-AJAX board history to make secret decisions, then hold “emergency” meetings afterward, in attempts to control rumors caused by a lack of transparency. Families weren’t forewarned that games would come with a parking price or parking shortage. The dirt area can become parking instead of baseball fields. And the claim that AJAX families are used to parking fees at all tournaments also is untrue. Few venues charge.

The resigning MYSA executive director failed to mention income earned from AJAX players. Twenty-seven competitive teams charge 15 players per team $20 a month for field maintenance, generating another $97,000 annually. Recently, families were asked to raise $5,500 for medical equipment.

If equipment is necessary, the city shouldn’t have allowed the park to open without it. MYSA-AJAX should sell advertising on fences, as our local baseball fields do. There would be enough revenue to offset operating and turf replacement expenses.

The real issue, though, is the lack of planning and the ongoing financial oblivion of the organization. There is no oversight of the board’s (or of any individual team’s) finances. The city should require an auditor to review MYSA books since the club is now entrusted with operating Mary Grogan Park.



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