Letters to the Editor

September 22, 2013

T.E. Thompson: Reacting to one day’s letters

Regarding the Sept. 17 letters: If we can have separation of church and state, why not separation of church and Opinions? Some of us have a problem swallowing “The Legislature is intent on destroying the Roman Catholic Church” (really?), and “God save us all; our leaders can’t” in “Senate bill attacks church.”

Then in “Our president needs prayer” came the comparison of our abortion laws to the killing of 100,000 Syrians. The difference is choice, by the way. I tried real hard to just accept these as opinions, but had to vent just like the lady being tortured in the doctor’s waiting room. In her case, all she needs to do is change doctors. I’m reasonably sure the other two writers would not listen to anyone except their priests/ministers. And, just to cover all four letters that day, I agree with “Vote no on Measure X.” It’s simply another case of our leaders wanting to spend more of your tax money.



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