Steve Mancine: Gun legislation reactionary

09/22/2013 9:45 AM

09/23/2013 12:50 AM

Some of the new gun laws our state legislators have passed are going to create more criminals out of law-abiding citizens because they are uninformed, and it’s just plain wrong. These new laws are reactionary and will do little to curb violence as they are claiming.

There is a bill on Gov. Brown’s desk, SB374, which will ban some traditional hunting rifles. The list includes the Remington 750 and the Winchester SRX. Even old M1s and M1As are affected. Really?

SB374 was intended to go after semi-automatic rifles that look like military rifles, but the final version of the bill has “all” semi-automatic center fire rifles with detachable magazines classified as an “assault weapon.” That’s right! Your semi-automatic hunting rifle with a detachable magazine is now an “assault weapon” that you will have to register as such by July 2015 or become a criminal. You will no longer be able to pass it down in your family, or buy another if you wanted. Google SB374, or go to a website like for information.

I urge you to get informed, then contact Brown and ask that he veto SB374. Time is running out.



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