Letters to the Editor

September 21, 2013

David W. Carpenter: Health law robs taxpayers

Regarding “What GOP doesn’t know” (Opinions, Sept 11): Paul Krugman states that there has been a “striking” slowdown in overall health costs since the Affordable Care Act was enacted. Does he mean that insurance premiums have been reduced, or maybe doctors have lowered their prices?

In the first case, insurance premiums have not gone down; they have gone up. My Advantage Plan has almost doubled. As for the doctors, they certainly have not dropped any fees or prices.

As for the Kaiser Family Foundation, which finds “that on average premiums will be significantly lower than those predicted by the Congressional Budget Office when the law passed,” this can only mean that, like Medicare, the government is going to give massive subsidies to the insurance companies so that they give the patients lower premiums. The difference will be made up by you, the taxpayer, robbing Peter to pay Paul.



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