We the people not we the government

09/19/2013 5:12 PM

09/19/2013 5:13 PM

We the people

Letter writers have been expressing outrage and angst over local and national leaders and their outrageous disregard in spending taxpayers’ money. I finally realized the common thread of the outrage. Many politicians, from mayors on up to the president, consider us common people little ducks in a row. Either we stay in line or roll over and play dead. If we step out of the line, we could become dead ducks. They will turn the bureaucracy on us to get even.

Most of these politicians, with President Obama being the No. 1 offender, consider their constituents and their provinces their personal fiefdoms. Taxpayer money is their treasure chest. They use taxpayers’ money to practice cronyism, buy their political office in the next election, live lavish lifestyles, and then protect themselves behind closed doors in their plush office buildings. The little ducks below them, the bureaucrats, carry out the edicts of the monarch, fearing job loss or unpopularity.

It is time to do what one writer espouses, to add some amendments to the Constitution that our founding fathers envisioned. The founders believed in “we, the people,” not “we, the government.” Check out Mark Levine’s book “The Liberty Amendments.”

Joanne M. Miller


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