Immigrant driver’s licenses: What about towing?

09/18/2013 7:13 PM

09/18/2013 7:23 PM

Does the state really think that giving illegal immigrants a driver’s license is going to accomplish anything? Does the state think that there is going to be a stampede at the DMV by illegals wanting a license?

The way I see it, illegals don’t want to be in the system at all. Why would they, when living under the radar is so much easier and cheaper? My big question is, will this change the law in the towing of vehicles that illegals are driving? Will law enforcement then be able to tow a vehicle with no insurance or proper registration? If they don’t have a license they can’t tow their vehicle. So, what does it all mean?



Editor’s Note: We asked the spokesman for the Modesto CHP office about this. His reply: "Our authority to tow a vehicle is spelled out in CVC section 22651. There are several sections such as 22651 (O) which states we can tow a vehicle when the registration is expired for more than six months. All of these apply if the driver is licensed or not, so no change. Currently our agency allows us to tow the vehicle if the driver is unlicensed under 22651 (p). This section would obviously not apply if the driver has a valid license. We also tow the vehicle if the (license) is suspended/revoked; this would stay the same. Many agencies do not currently store the vehicle for an unlicensed driver; they allow a licensed driver to come pick it up. So I’m not sure anything in regards to towing a vehicle is going to change. All of the conditions allowing law enforcement to tow a vehicle will remain, to the best of my knowledge."

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