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September 17, 2013

Gaetana Drake: Screen names can be a safety net

Screen names can be a safety net

While I agree with the purpose of using your real name to make comments (instead of a screen name) I would like to point out why I have sometimes used a screen name. In the past I made a few comments related to politics using my name. If you are a registered voter, almost anyone – especially someone associated with a political campaign (because they get voter lists) – can find out where you live. Someone who didn’t like my political opinions found out my address, let my dog out of my yard, put chewing gum in my door lock so I couldn’t gain entrance, and would make comments on The Bee concerning my alleged need to mow my lawn.

Yes, the trolls are out and make having an intelligent discussion nearly impossible. But from a woman’s point of view, screen names are a safety net. In the future, I may comment on something I feel strongly about and will follow the rules, using my real name. I wonder if the trolls who stalked me will be brave enough to respond with theirs.



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