Letters to the Editor

September 17, 2013

Mary Burch: Hospital waiting room torture

We hurry up and get ready so that we won’t be late for our doctor appointment. We almost run red lights; our blood pressure goes up. Hurry, don’t be late. Our children are rushed to get ready. Older folks, some that can barely get out of their chairs, rush around to make their appointment on time.

Finally we get there. Then comes the waiting. The children get restless; the older folks are in pain from their ailments. After sometimes waiting for an hour or so the whole room is in a turmoil, everyone talking at once, the children are crying and throwing fits.

For some reason, let me see now, could it be the money? The staff makes appointments every five minutes, and the doctors can only see one patient about every half-hour. Do the math, staff. And stop torturing us.



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