Letters to the Editor

September 16, 2013

Give them a taste of early release

The Aug. 21 letter “Eyes now open to prison injustices” deserves response. Prior to current sentencing laws, California had the indeterminate sentencing law. An inmate had a minimum sentence that he was required to serve two-thirds of before being considered for parole. There was also a maximum sentence that allowed the Parole Board to release an inmate anytime after the two-thirds was served, with release contingent upon behavior and accomplishments while incarcerated. Determining factors would be completing his education and involvement in programs designed to help with whatever problem he had, such as alcoholism, drugs or psychiatric problems, etc.

The Prison Law Group of San Francisco kept filing cases with the California Supreme Court, getting rulings that established the current sentencing standards. The lower courts had no choice but to comply. Now this same group has filed cases concerning overcrowding, etc., a condition that they created. I suggest the Department of Corrections release these inmates at the homes of the attorneys and judges responsible for their early release so they can share in the chaos and mayhem they have so willingly heaped upon the public.



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