Letters to the Editor

September 14, 2013

Trying to love ‘enemies’

In response to “Focus on Mexico, not Syria” (Sept. 10, Letters): The writer starts out, “If you are religious, you probably dislike Muslims. If you are not religious, you probably hate Muslims.”

As a Christian, my “religion” says I am to love everyone, particularly my “enemies.” Although I don’t consider most Muslims my enemies, I would consider fanatics, whether Muslim or Christian, my enemies. And yet, my Lord says I am to respond to them with love. I admit it is a tough requirement and many of us fail, including me at times.

If the writer would listen to NPR once in a while, he would hear Muslims decry the atrocities of jihadists. I have met Muslims who have assimilated into our American culture quite nicely. You see, most “religious people” whether Christian, Muslim and others are just trying to live their lives the best they can in peace with their neighbor and God.

What I dislike is when someone who doesn't really know much about the teachings of another person’s faith tries to portray everyone in that religion as the same.

Jesus’ advice is don't dislike and hate. Instead, love God and your neighbor.



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