Letters to the Editor

September 14, 2013

Just the facts, please

The Sept. 10 editorial “Three bills governor should veto” discussed appropriate concerns about public costs and interest; however, it inappropriately blames Democrats for ignoring public interest in order to benefit their campaign finances.

Introducing and supporting bills that benefit their supporters is not new a concept for politicians and is certainly not a partisan problem. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., has consistently and vehemently supported legislation that attempts to reduce restrictions on the petroleum and chemical industries, his biggest supporters, despite bipartisan public opposition and confirmed public health threats.

The editorial states, “When the public interest is ignored, government itself is undermined.” This is true of both parties, not just the Democrats. The next time The Bee voices an opinion on legislation, they should avoid the blame game. Please, just give us the facts and avoid unnecessary, partisan reproach.



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