Letters to the Editor

September 14, 2013

Nurses seek better care

I am a registered nurse at Memorial and disagree with writer of the Sept. 4 letter “Hospitals have rights, too.”

We are struggling for autonomy in an organization that views nurses organizing to provide better patient care as loss of power and decrease in profitability. Nurses wouldn’t be organizing if there were no patient care safety issues, despite hospital efforts to “educate” us about unionization.

Regarding her statement “Money funneled from union dues to political causes you don’t support” – why no outcry when money from nurses’ union dues was used to legislate nurse-patient ratios allowing all nurses, regardless of unionization views, to provide safer patient care by mandating the maximum number of patients a nurse can care for? Registered nurses – not hospitals – lobbied for over 12 years.

Will I have time to hold a dying patient’s hand in their last moments, or to educate to a patient contemplating surgery, etc., in the face of lack of nursing staff and resources while the hospital is on the path to making record profits? Memorial’s third quarter profitability in 2012, just before the layoffs, was $32,995,724 – or $358,649.00 daily (www.oshpd.ca.gov).



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